Fall 2015 Season Preview

Fall is coming. Prepare for pumpkin spice everything, spooky halloween things, and jacket weather. I couldn’t be more eager for the sweltering weather to end, quite frankly.


Hello everyone, this is Harubro! Unfortunately for us, and for you, the For Great Justice trio will not be able to assemble to record a podcast preview of the upcoming Fall 2015 season. L-K is off doing dastardly L-K things and Yatabro is neck-deep in his first semester of college. Kind of a shame, really, because we managed to tally over 1000 listens to our Summer preview podcast, which we were pretty stoked about. Worry not though, because your consolation prize is an *extremely* hastily thrown together season preview article written and delivered at the last second by yours truly!

Aren’t you all hyped up already~? (No? Too bad.) Let’s have a look at what I think looks watchable this Fall!




Concrete Revolutio ~A Superhuman Fantasy~
Studio: Bones
Summary: More people with superpowers, minus the Jun Maeda but plus more action.

By now, you guys are probably well aware that I’ll almost always give a passing glance at the very least to any show that Studio Bones cranks out. After having checked out the preview for Concrete Revolutio, it looks like it could be a thoroughly entertaining watch on its own merits. I’m always a fan of unorthodox visuals, and this show looks to be chock full of ‘em. I mean, you know shit is gonna go down when there’s a pink-haired main protagonist, right? The backgrounds of the show look like they’re straight out of a comic book. The “organization seeking superpowered individuals to oversee and protect them” thing might seem a tad played out, especially right on the heels of Charlotte, but I expect this show to opt more towards the action route rather than the melodrama route Charlotte took.

Even if the story or the action look to be a bit zany, very rarely has Bones completely whiffed on a show for me. Concrete Revolutio should be in good hands, and I’m very much looking forward to watching it.


Haikyuu!! 2
Studio: Production I.G.
Summary: A direct sequel to the popular volleyball anime “Haikyuu!!”.

I hinted briefly in our 2014 Anime Awards at how much I enjoyed this show’s first season, and after a year my feelings for this show have gone largely unchanged. Haikyuu was one of the best sports anime I’ve seen in recent years. It excelled where many sports anime fail, focusing more on the team of kids playing the sport, rather than focusing on the sport being played by a team of kids. The character development and interaction were god-tier, considering it was a sports anime. It also had a keen and timely sense of humor, and featured the best repertoire of reaction faces of any show last year. It never delved too deep into the sportsball jargon, keeping its informational bits easy to soak up. Having watched this, I understand volleyball better as a sport.

Just remember, this kid is the main protagonist of the show.

Haikyuu definitely had a winning formula, such that I expect its second season to work out well. I look forward to seeing where the Karasuno boys go.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
Studio: Sunrise
Summary: More of that beloved Gundam drama. Wait a second, there’s something going on between Earth and Mars again, isn’t there?

Although I tend to shy away from the mecha genre, and most Gundam shows in particular, Iron-Blooded Orphans looks too good to pass up. Tatsuyuki Nagai, director of greats such as AnoHana, Toradora, and Railgun, is directing this show. His presence alone is enough to warrant a watch of the show, but Man With A Mission is performing the OP for this show as the icing on the Gundam cake. Count me in.

Oh, and Natsuki Hanae is voicing a character named “Biscuit.” Hype train.

There looks to be some space drama in the air between Earth and Mars again. Literally anything will be an improvement over Aldnoah.Zero on this trope. This show has some real potential to produce some feels, so I’m pretty excited for this.


Noragami Aragoto
Studio: Bones
Summary: Broke-ass god Yato, little shit Yukine, and companion Hiyori return for more standard supernatural shounen fare.

Bones, Bones, Bones, Bones.

Okay, got that out of my system. Anywho, Noragami is back with a new arc focused on Yato’s rival/would-be-murderer/fellow god Bishamon. I haven’t really read all that far into Noragami’s manga, so I have no clue what we’ll be in for with the Bishamon arc I keep hearing so much hype for.

Noragami’s first season was solid, and despite my calling it “standard supernatural shounen fare,” it was actually one of the better shows to air in 2014 in my opinion. Chalk it up to those superior Bones visuals, all-star voice acting, a decent soundtrack with a fantastic OP, and decent execution on the plot, and it was a definite winner. With much of the same staff from the predecessor on board for Aragoto, there’s a very reasonable chance that this’ll be a worthy follow-up.


Studio: SHAFT
Summary: Continuation of the Monogatari series. KIZU WHEN?!

Prepare your SHAFT Bingo cards once more, folks. SHAFT has returned with more Monogatari goodness. No, still not Kizu. This time, it’s Owarimonogatari, which will cover Ougi Formula, Sodachi Riddle, Sodachi Lost, and Shinobu Mail.

As you would come to expect with SHAFT and the Monogatari franchise, Akiyuki Shinbou is directing, so you can already fill in that spot on the bingo card. Brace yourself, the head-tilts are coming. Monogatari has always had a knack for being the best franchise to actually creep me out, and it’s not just because of the rather off-putting siscon moments this show is prone to. When it’s not doing the siscon thing, it’s actually one of the more thematically intelligent shows out there, some of it being so abstract that it often warrants many double takes on my part. Nisio Isin is rather crafty at assembling compelling narratives around these abnormalities, and I’m rather fond of his series’ methods of storytelling.

Either way, I’m already way too deep into the Monogatari abyss to escape now.



One Punch Man
Studio: Madhouse
Summary: Average looking bald guy Saitama is actually the world’s strongest hero, able to knock any opponent out with, you guessed it, one punch.

Strangely enough, One Punch Man looks to be the main hype train show airing this fall. I’ve seen a disproportionate amount of buzz on the internets around this show ever since it was announced, so naturally, I am a tad curious to see what all the hubbub is about. Like, is One-Punch Man actually a Shounen Jump series, or not? Because SJ shows have been on a pretty good roll the last few seasons, and that would be all the more encouraging a sign for Saitama and friends. Even if it isn’t, from what I’ve seen of the previews, this show looks like it should be good for some laughs and some epic action.

Bring on the bald jokes.


Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Summary: Research lab guy meets unaffiliated girl on a vacation. The two happen upon a corpse. A serial murder mystery begins.

Yaaaaaay, more mystery stuff to watch this season, this one by A-1 Pictures, because it just wouldn’t be a proper anime season without a couple of A-1 offerings floating around. I have a better feeling about this show in comparison to Sakurako after having checked out some of the staff working on this show. Mamoru Kanbe, director of one of my favorite slice of life shows in Kimi to Boku, got the nod for director on this project, so I feel this show already has a good foot forward. Series composition is handled by the guy tasked with composing Gatchaman Crowds. Yeah, I think Subete ga F ni Naru has grasped my attention now.

Please, don’t fuck this up, A-1.



A Corpse is Buried Under Sakurako’s Feet.
Studio: TROYCA
Summary: Plain-looking dude meets genius detective girl with a thing for bones. Apparently this is a mystery show, you could’ve fooled me.

In producing their second franchise to follow Aldnoah.Zero and their first franchise with them leading the way, TROYCA decided to really change things up by adapting a mystery light novel. I’m always down for a good mystery show, but there’s usually a catch with them. Mystery shows typically swing big and miss by introducing these grandiose mysteries only to conveniently solve them in an unsatisfyingly roundabout fashion *cough*Laplace*cough*, but this show looks like it has some promise to it. To be perfectly honest, the gorgeous visuals in that PV are what really caught my attention with Sakurako. Have a look at the PV for this show and you’ll see what I mean.

What keeps this from being a total no-doubter for me is TROYCA’s track record with Aldnoah (can’t be helped), and the staff of relative newcomers behind the making of the show. There’s no really well-established track record that I’m aware of for much of the staff. Hopefully this show can make for a nice addition to their record.


A Tale of Worst One
Studio: Silver Link
Summary: A “failed knight” incapable of using magic joins a school for Magical Knights, because of course he would. He gets challenged to a duel by a foreign princess/#1 student of the school, because of fucking course he would be.


This has to be like the 1,406th “magical sword school” anime thus far, right? I can tell you for a fact that this borderline harem-looking show is probably the most speculative of all my speculative picks this season. I really cannot tell what I am getting myself into with this series. The show’s production staff doesn’t even look like all that compelling of a lineup. What does look somewhat compelling are the visuals displayed in the PV, which were probably the most interesting looking aspect of this series thus far.

I’m not expecting a great show here, but if it can conjure up a passable storyline around the supposed romantic element that the stuff I’ve seen alludes to, I could possibly stick with this for a bit. I’m all for some good romantic fluff, but realistically, this show will probably live up to that “Worst One” title. I have pretty low expectations for this one, if any at all.



Story in Which I Was Kidnapped by a Young Lady’s School to be a “Sample of the Common People”
Studio: Silver Link
Summary: A school for sheltered high-class girls has issues with its alumnus adapting to the outside world. To help prepare them better for the real world, a commoner boy is brought in with the *false* understanding that he is a homosexual with a muscle fetish and therefore poses no threat to the purity of the girls of the school. God help us all.

Man, what the hell is up with that long-winded title? I sort of hope this “unnecessarily long title” thing is a fad that dies down soon with anime.

That aside, this show actually seems like it could be good for a few cheap keks, especially considering the singular male protagonist somehow learns that he has to play along with the school’s misconception about him or be castrated to protect the schoolgirl’s purity. I could see this being played up for some good laughs at singular male protagonist’s expense, and I am always down for that in a harem show.

The single aspect of this show that actually has my interest piqued is that the male protag will be voiced by Atsushi Tamaru, in one of his first main roles since voicing Mochizou from Tamako Market. It might be hilariously curious to see him go from the purehearted romance of the Tamako series to…well, this.

10/10, will probably watch after consuming vast amounts of intoxicating beverages.


The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Summary: More schools with superpowered kids battling each other in the name of their school’s supremacy. Another poor sap incurs the wrath of the student council, and will somehow end up the center of a harem after the dust settles. Awesome.


Another ecchi harem show from A-1 Pictures, aww yeah! As if Saekano weren’t enough before this. This show’s singular male protag is *also* voiced by Atsushi Tamaru, who as of this season seems poised to take over all the male harem leads from Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. It’s almost a bit disappointing to see this, actually. There’s also no particularly big names at the helm for this show that I feel the need to mention. At least with A-1, this visuals should be decent, and if the action scenes even remotely approach the quality of SAO II, then this show might have a redeeming aspect to look forward to..

In any case, I don’t really have much reference material to go off of for this show, if only because this show’s PV seems to be blocked in the States. Guess I’ll be as surprised as the rest of you guys when the pilot airs in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!


…and that’s all for what comprises the list of shows I’ll be watching in the first week of the new season! I think I’ve got the bases covered pretty well, don’t you? However, don’t be surprised if another show or two sneaks its way into the Fall First Impressions writeup I’ll have prepared in a couple of weeks. I just hope our Saturdays are a bit more balanced with the new season in comparison to the Saturday logjam that occurred this summer.

Have a good week, everyone!

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