Yata’s 12 Days of Anime – 2015 Intro Post

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 10.09.11 PMHey everyone, Yata here. I’m not entirely sure how this 12 Days of Anime sensation first started or how it caught on, but every anime blogger and their mother seems to be doing it, so hey, why not FGJ? Due to extenuating circumstances on behalf of all three of us this fall, we’ve gone far too long without posting anything, but the holiday season is my saving grace and I now have the time to crank out some quick articles as we lead up to Christmas. From my understanding, the 12 Days of Anime can be about anything anime-related that the writer experienced over the course of the year, regardless of when the actual work, event, or news actually came out, but because 90% of any anime I watched this year was indeed from this year, I’m just gonna stick to my guns and cover twelve of the most memorable ani-things 2015 had to offer. I’ve done plenty of anime write-ups over the last two years, but this will be my first go at crafting a 12 Days of Anime collection, so I’m pretty excited and my hopes are high! Come back for the first post in the series on Sunday, December 13th, and return for a new entry in the countdown posted each day between then and Christmas Eve. I’ll try to keep links below updated as each article gets added.

#12 – Yurikuma Arashi and Stupid Catchphrases (Sun. 12/13)
#11 – Sequels and Fulfilled Potential (Mon. 12/14)
#10 – The Rolling Girls and Colorful Joyrides (Tues. 12/15)
#9 – J.C. Staff and (NSFW) Surprise Hits (Wed. 12/16)
#8 – Monogatari and Steady Success (Thurs. 12/17)
#7 – One Punch Man and Meeting The Hype (Fri. 12/18)
#6 – Charlotte and “POSUTO-ROKKU!” (Sat. 12/19)
#5 – Sound! Euphonium and Tasteful Lesbian Romance (Sun. 12/20)
#4 – Blood Blockade Battlefront and Human Who Didn’t Give Me His Burger (Mon. 12/21)
#3 – Shirobako and Win-Wins (Tues.12/22)
#2 – BRADIO and Funky Party People (Wed. 12/23)
#1 – For Great Justice and One Year In The Books! (Thurs. 12/24)


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