Yata’s 12 Days of Anime – 2015 – #2: BRADIO and Funky Party People

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 12.40.51 PM
Hands up, who else remembers Death Parade’s OP? You know, that funky energetic track “Flyers” that didn’t match Death Parade’s mood at all? Yeah, that one. If you need a recap on some of the year’s best openings, I’ll have that coming up shortly after the 12 Days ends, but until then, I can’t help but continue to reminisce about one of the year’s best OP songs. BRADIO, the group behind the music in that wonderful opening, became my guilty pleasure of the year. I rarely listen to anime-affiliated J-Pop of any variety outside of when I’m actually watching anime, but something about BRADIO just kept me coming back – to “Golden Liar,” to some of the ballads from Power of Life, but most of all, to “Flyers.”

Specifically its music video.

Watch it right now.

2015’s been a bit of a strange year for me music-wise; I listened to far less this year than I had previously, I’m struggling to compile a personal Album of the Year list, and my top 10 is still a scattershot mess I’m not sure I’ll be able to sort out by New Year’s. But one category I have no question about is Music Video of the Year. That has to belong to BRADIO and “Flyers.” If you haven’t seen that gem of a video before, you better be changing that now. If you don’t even know the song, well, get ready, baby, cause these guys will make you groove. If there’s anything related to anime that deserves viral success this year, it’s not a funny quote or a memorable clip from a show itself – it’s this goddamn special effects-stuffed music video, photoshopped dancing, terribly implemented explosions, greenscreen casino backgrounds and all. BRADIO (which I should also probably mention stands for the gratuitous Engrish “Break the Rule And Do Image On”) refer to their fans as Funky Party People, and if it wasn’t obvious to you before why, it should be now. They don’t care. The band doesn’t care. They just put their hands up, flyin’, and they made me uncontrollably do the same all year long.

God bless you, BRADIO, you fucking corny geniuses.

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