Yata’s 12 Days of Anime – 2015 – #1: For Great Justice and One Year in the Books!

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 12.56.04 PMHopefully this wasn’t too much of a let down for you guys expecting something bigger for the final post. For me, and I assume for Haru and L-K as well, this website lasting more than a year feels like a bigger accomplishment and something more memorable and impactful to us than anything we’ve watched this year. When we first got the ball rolling in August 2014, it had been an idea in our heads for a few months but not something we anticipated getting quick success on. And by most measures, success isn’t really something we’ve found yet. Though our readership has seemed to grow, there’s no real For Great Justice community yet; no diehard fans, no constant comments, no real recognition.

But success is what you make out of what you get, and for a year and four months now, I’ve had the pleasure of writing about anime in a place the world can see it. Statistics and numbers come after. I enjoy my role here first and foremost. For any of you who see this, it’s been a rough fall for each of us. Haru’s been swamped more than usual with incompetent management at work, L-K’s been off doing his own thing, and I got more than I bargained for with my first semester at college, including a period for about 3 weeks where I was bedridden and miserable with mono and strep, needing 2 ER visits and still afterward completely drained of energy while trying to catch up academically. I think our combined lack of posting can be excused for now, but our future also looks uncertain. I won’t sugarcoat anything; we’re all at points in our lives now where anime is a back burner leisure activity and not something we can devote a significant portion of our time to. This isn’t a departure forever. Great justice must be served. But our posting frequency will likely continue to be inconsistent in the coming months.

That’s all stuff to fret about later though. For now, it’s worth it to just celebrate getting our first solid year in the books. Thanks to everyone who read, commented on, or shared an article of ours. With all the anime blogs out there to choose from, we’re humbled anyone even bothers to skim our uncontrolled mess of a newborn website. This was (and will be) for you. We hope you had a great 2015 and that you’ll enjoy whatever we post in 2016 with us. See you soon.

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