Yatahaze stole his name from a dredg song. Most people simply call him Yata. He’s fine with that. Yata got into anime around 2010, when a friend showed him Death Note. He watched occasional anime on and off for the next two years until spring 2012, when partially because of an outstandingly well-rounded season and partially because he had too much time on his hands, he started to watch anime a little more regularly. To this day, he still watches it because he has too much time on his hands. He’s also probably the only liberal diehard NASCAR fan and a songwriter/multi-instrumentalist whose music can be found here. His MyAnimeList profile can be found here, his Kitsu profile can be found here, and his anime-centric Twitter can be found here.


Harubro has watched anime ever since Speed Racer aired on Cartoon Network. He’s old. He watched anime sparingly up until spring 2012, when he ran into an interesting band of people on the internets (including Yata) that recommended show after show for him to watch. Harubro watches a bunch of anime every season because he only watches Top Gear or baseball on TV. He wonders if he’s the only guy who can quote advanced baseball stats on the fly one second, and then name favorite anime studios the next. He’s a strange one, for sure. You can find his MyAnimeList here.


Catche is the poppin’, pretentious man with the plan. He’s been watching anime since the dog days of 2010, though he and anime got into a big fight which resulted in a falling out in 2012. Luckily the two of them reconciled in late 2014, and the two have gone on to have a rather fruitful relationship since. You can find his MyAnimeList here, his Kitsu here, and his ani-Twitter here.



L-K was our resident audio engineering fella who helped with podcasts, loves surreal shit, and may or may not have become one with the sound waves since this site was created. We are forever grateful they suggested “FOR GREAT JUSTICE” as a name.


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