Mars of Destruction Live Commentary Podcast

In this brief break between coverage of 2015’s summer and fall anime seasons, we bring to you one hell of a podcast. In every medium, there are great things, alright things, and terrible things. Every once in a while, one of those terrible things gains notoriety for being unintentionally hilarious. In anime’s case, Mars of Destruction is something of a cult classic. Its try-hardiness, complete lack of sense, and poor budget make it stand out as one of the worst anime (though it’s really just a 19-minute OVA) ever produced. And in the midst of one of the weakest anime seasons in recent memory, I guess we felt the need to remind ourselves that hey, at least the shows we didn’t care for weren’t Mars of Destruction-tier bad.

What follows is a live audio commentary of all three of us watching the remarkable shit stain that is Mars of Destruction. You can follow along by watching this and syncing the video up to our in-podcast countdown. Because this was uploaded a handful of weeks after it was recorded, an out-of-date recap on our thoughts of this summer’s shows is included afterward. Let’s just say some of them changed considerably. (cough Charlotte ಠ_ಠ)

Have a blast, folks. Fall first impressions will be out soon enough.


Summer 2015 Season Preview (Podcast)

Recorded early, published almost late, here comes the summer 2015 season preview podcast! We made this podcast back in mid-June, around week 10 of the spring season, and while there are some shows out already this summer and some things have changed on anichart (which you should still follow along on) since then, we still felt it right to get this out as soon as possible. Our spring final impressions and summer first impressions should both be out later this week. Thanks for your patience, guys. Timestamps available below.


Spring 2015 Season Preview (Podcast)

Alright, podcast #2. The whole gang’s here to discuss the upcoming season as well as ramble a bit on our thoughts of this past winter season. The final impressions article will come out later this week. Follow along as we talk about each new show via the alphabetical order of anichart.net, though an entry or two might’ve changed position since we recorded this earlier this week (lookin’ at you, Ameiro Cocoa). For those who don’t really care to listen to the whole thing, we summed up the podcast with the picture below:Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 7.20.24 PMBut here’s the real thing:

Timestamps for each show are listed under the “see more” tag, or if you were linked directly here, are clearly visible below.

Winter 2015 Season Preview (Podcast)

It’s finally here! For Great Justice successfully pulled off a podcast with all three members about a relevant topic! Are you amazed? We’re amazed.

So here’s the deal: we talk about the winter 2015 anime chart according to anichart.net, in order, as it was on December 3rd when this podcast was recorded. As of this written post, I think the only notable changes were the moving of Rolling Girls into a different spot alphabetically (they removed the “the”) and the removal of the Kyoukai no Kanata film from the movie section. You’ll still hear us talk a bit about the latter’s original series anyway. Otherwise, sit back, follow along, and enjoy the ride as we discuss our thoughts on the upcoming season.

Timestamps for each entry are available if you click the “(more…)” button, or if you were linked directly to this article, they’re plainly visible below. Hoorah.