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Hey folks, it’s us again. I think we’ve decided to do these write-ups every three to four weeks or so, for what it’s worth. Now that the fall season has settled into its groove , Yata and Haru are here to run down how a handful of shows are faring. LK will show up eventually. Maybe. Who knows at this point? Oh, and we wish you a happy Thanksgiving and all that. Try not to overeat. Spend your time watching the great stuff you’ve been putting off for so long, and if your opinions happen to align with ours, fantastic.

It’s dangerous to go alone though. Take this:

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Uchouten Kazoku, Reviewed

Greetings, peeps. This is Harubro, the second of three dudes with things to say about Japanese cartoons. On top of being a WordPress rookie, I’m also probably the least talented of the three at writing, so please bear with me as I improve on my newfound craft. As Yata explained before, the three are of us starting off with reviews of some of last year’s standout shows. Fortunately for me, I have the privilege of reviewing Uchouten Kazoku (also known as The Eccentric Family) , the masterpiece by P.A. Works, which aired in the summer of 2013.

tanuki (more…)

Silver Spoon Review

Hi there, folks. I’m Yatahaze, one of three people that will be running this blog, and I’m lucky enough to be able to post its first article. All of us are new to WordPress, so to get our bearings, we’ll be starting off with a review of an anime from last year, and I chose A-1 Pictures’ beautiful slice-of-life show Silver Spoon. After the other two guys post theirs, you can expect some weekly reviews of airing anime, occasionally more in-depth episodic reviews, and reviews of whole series from years past, as well as maybe some other miscellaneous stuff we may come up with. We hope you have at least as much fun reading what we have to say as we do writing. It’s for great justice, you know.

Silver Spoon - Ep1 Rural Hokkaido (more…)