Yata’s 12 Days of Anime – 2015 – #4: Blood Blockade Battlefront and Human Who Didn’t Give Me His Burger

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Most of Blood Blockade Battlefront operated inside its own little realm of reality, and though there was clearly a realm outside of it, the show’s focus on Hellsalem’s Lot meant that what we saw was almost always a fantasy joyride that operated on its own laws of physics and badassery. Typically such shows provide little in the form of emotional investment. Characters are treated as comical punching bags or the ones doing the punching. What little downtime exists is often used to drive a plot, not explore character dynamics through small moments. And BBB had its handful of such instances, but give the crew behind this adaptation credit where it’s due; there’s no denying Hellsalem’s Lot feels like a living, breathing, place with characters who, even if just shown once or twice, feel like they have their own life waiting outside their immediate involvement in this patchwork of a story.


First Impressions – Spring 2015

Hey folks, all three of us at For Great Justice are already back again to give you the rundown on the spring 2015 season! First impressions week can be a killer due to the sheer number of shows we feel obligated to try each season, and this time around we’ve watched over half of the pilots to new shows and thinned through the crap so you don’t have to. Show summaries, our individual thoughts, and “should you watch?” recommendations are below. You ready? We are now. We weren’t a week ago, or even last night. It was a little more like this then:

Help MeWe do this for you guys and great justice. As always, the following thoughts are only based off of pilot episodes. Some shows *ahem – Digimon Adventure Tri* haven’t aired yet. On the other hand, some have already aired second episodes by now. We know, we know. We’ll touch on those when we next post. Anyway, spring! Let’s do this: