Yata’s Top 25 OPs of 2012

Gotta give you a bit of backstory before we begin: Haru, L-K, and I founded For Great Justice in the late summer of 2014, but we had actually met each other online and started conversing about two and a half years prior. At the time, Haru and I in particular seemed to hit it off with similar taste, each of us just getting into the whole “watch a ton of shows as they air” trend, and the rest is more or less our site’s modest history. For that reason, 2012 (and its spring season in particular) has continued to hold a deep place in my heart, and lately I started getting nostalgic about those good ol’ days.

Then the epiphany hit me: that was five years ago.

My first thought was “Where the fuck did that time go?” My second was something to the effect of “You know, this would give me a reason to crank out another OPs list,” and that’s precisely what I’m gonna be doing here. If you’re familiar with my previous OP lists, the criteria and rules haven’t changed. If you aren’t, allow me to explain:

These ratings are by and large my own personal opinion (of which you are entitled to yours) and based on arbitrary factors including but not limited to melody, song composition, audio production, visual production, audiovisual sync, originality, relevance to the show (when I’m able to judge that), and my own miscellaneous personal enjoyment. Having seen a show isn’t a prerequisite for its OP to appear here, but OPs for shows I have seen are much more likely to be included and placed higher than those I haven’t, especially in this nostalgia-driven installment. The exact numerical rankings are pretty much irrelevant outside the top 10. OPs to shows which started airing before or finished airing after 2012 are eligible, but only if the OP itself first aired during that year.

Since 2012 marked the start of my anime-watching habits, this will also likely be my last retrospective Top OPs list going forward, so fasten those seat belts, plug in some headphones, and accompany me on this totally self-gratifying trip down memory lane.


Catche’s Fall 2016 Final Thoughts and Top 10 for the Year

So, 2016 has ended, and with its ending we have a chance to look back and examine all of the anime that came out this year. Now, 2016 actually ended a couple weeks ago, so I’ve decided to make it up to all you faithful readers out there by analyzing this year in the best possible way: By sorting my favorites into an numbered list, as well as having a quick look back at the Fall season.

“Why only the Fall season?” I hear you ask. Well, because I only wrote for this blog during that season.

So, without further ado…



Yata’s Top 25 OPs of 2015

Header picWell, it’s that time of year again. The holidays will soon give way to the long dark days of winter and the start of 2016, meaning two things: One: I’ll finally have to learn how to consistently and safely drive through several feet of snow for the first time and two: I have to bring great justice to this past year’s best anime openings! In addition, a post like this offers the ability to touch on a variety of shows from throughout 2015 all in one convenient place, something I greatly enjoy doing to reflect on the year (you know, in addition to the 12 Days of Anime, which I think went well!). If you’re new to For Great Justice, you may not know how I judge anime openings, and if you’re really new to anime in general, you may not understand what exactly an OP is. I’ll sum up my main criteria below, but for a more in-depth explanation, see the start of my 2014 OPs post.

  • The OP must have debuted in 2015. It can belong to a show that started before 2015, just as long as the OP itself debuted this year. In other words, fall 2014 shows that carried over into winter 2015 and used an OP that only aired this year are acceptable entries. In slippery cases where an OVA or something used an OP the previous year once or twice but it was used for a full production this year, I’ll make an exception; just as long as the OP wasn’t counted in the previous list, really. That’s what this point is about.
  • If an OP has multiple versions (either different animation set to the same music or different music set to the same animation), I’ll choose the version I like the most. Multiple versions of what is otherwise the same OP won’t take up multiple entries.
  • If a show has multiple OPs, they are all eligible as long as they fit the above criteria. Both this year and last year it just so happened that no show which aired multiple OPs made it into the top 25 twice, though several shows came close this time, and if this list were extended to a top 30 or 35, series such as The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Food Wars and Durarara!!x2 may have indeed been on the list more than once.
  • I don’t need to have seen a show to include its OP, though shows I have watched are much more likely to be on the list, seeing as I’m more familiar with them and the in-show significance of their OPs’ contents. Doubly so for sequels or long-running series.
  • Unlike the many YouTube channels dedicated to ranking OPs seasonally and yearly based solely on music, I judge OPs on a sliding scale combination of their music, visuals, audiovisual sync, relevance to the show (when able), and my personal enjoyment, with regards given to what I feel the OP was trying to accomplish most. These rankings are very loose apart from the top few. Don’t fixate yourself on the exact numbers too much.

And just a reminder once again that rankings such as these are purely opinionated, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you disagree with what I’ve included or where I have or haven’t placed something, that’s okay. We can agree to disagree. If you want to start discussion, at least keep it civil. That’s the justice way!

Anyway, 25 of the best OPs 2015 has to offer plus one honorable mention lie ahead. Let’s get this show on the road.


The Annual Anime Awards – 2014

Hey, everyone! Sorry we’ve been a little slow in such a busy time of the year. Instead of running down the year’s best shows on a show-by-show basis, we thought of something a little more unique. A little more flashy. A little more fun to do. Yes, that’s right, Haru and Yata have come up with 33 categories and brainstormed who and what deserve these prestigious (?) anime-related awards from the year 2014. There are a lot of repeated winners – after all, this is to recognize what we thought were the best of the best and the worst of the worst, and as the saying goes, the cream rises to the top.  We agree a lot, though occasionally we felt it necessary to deviate from each others’ opinions. Below are our award winners and explanations. Have a blast reading, and if you’d like, feel free to comment with your own winners.