Yata’s 2016 Anime Year in Review / Top 10

So here’s the thing. Usually, my posts on here are directed towards people who already know what I’m talking about, those self-proclaimed “otaku” and anime junkies who keep up to date with the latest productions and headlines and just want to hear my opinions on them, no walkthrough necessary.

But writing with them in mind limits my audience, and for this 2016 recap, I want to be a little more inclusive. This article is for hardcore fans and anime newbies alike; those in the know can compare their year in anime to mine, while the casual watcher will be given an overview of everything I’ve seen from 2016 – one that, if I’m successful enough with this, will hopefully act as a guide to what I thought was and wasn’t worth watching.

I managed to finish just over 30 shows this year and give a shot to just shy of another 30 more. At a minimum, everything I watched at least one episode of has a name-drop below. Only the top 10 are properly ranked; the rest are categorized in groups sorted by how far I got through them (early drops, late drops, or completed/up to date), as well as what kind of impression they left on me. This will be a bit lengthy, so let’s just get right into it, starting at the very bottom with the immediately-dropped abominations and ending with the cream of the crop.

22-header (more…)

Yata’s 12 Days of Anime – 2015 – #5: Sound! Euphonium and Tasteful Lesbian Romance

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 11.17.45 AM
I know this will sound odd in retrospect, but considering a lot of my appreciation of Sound! Euphonium came in retrospect anyway, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to state this here; I didn’t truly appreciate Eupho until it featured a tasteful lesbian romance. Usually that’s the last thing a show like this would need, as it’d end up getting played as comic relief or ditsy side character nonsense, but Eupho is a KyoAni drama, and if there’s one thing KyoAni dramas excel at, it’s…

…well, no, never mind, KyoAni dramas excel at pretty much everything.