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Fall 2020 Mid-Season Thoughts

Hey y’all! Welcome back to For Great Justice, and today it’s time for our final seasonal update of 2020. At the end of December, we’ll have some awards pieces to run and our thoughts on these seasonals’ final acts will be included there instead of a separate article, as has been the case in years past. In the meantime, this is a Yata-only updateHaru’s swamped with work right now, but I took one of his shows upon myself in order to cover every seasonal I’m caught up on. That doesn’t include Love Live Nijigasaki right now (I fell way behind) or Adachi & Shimamura (which everyone’s been telling me is their AOTS, so I figure I’ll give it a second chance soon), but the rest of the notables from this fall are covered below. What’s standing out? What’s falling apart? Why is this season so incorrigibly 7/10? All of that ahead! Let’s run ’em down!



Spring 2018 Final Thoughts

It’s that time of year again; the time of year where we try to wrap up our thoughts on whatever shows we stuck with this past spring…except like clockwork, no one’s listening because our audience is having a blast at Anime Expo without us. It’s cool, we get it, we only have…virtually nothing to be excited about next season. Even if it’s purely for indulgent, self-reflective purposes, spare us a few minutes and join Yata and Haru in taking one last trip down memory lane, covering whatever they’ve caught up with or completed from the latest season in the books.


Spring 2018 Mid-Season Thoughts

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to For Great Justice. For…hopefully obvious reasons, none of us actually kept up with Darling in the FranXX after its first cour, and this spring, which was already one of FGJ’s lightest in terms of seasonal anime coverage, is about to get even lighter. While a select few shows have confidently muscled their way to the top, others have grown trite and lifeless, which means one thing: drop time. Find out what titles Yata and Haru spared and which they let go of on this mid-season update!


Spring 2018 First Impressions

It’s the first impressions roundup you’ve all been waiting for!

…that is, unless you’ve been waiting for one that enthusiastically covers all the reboots, spinoffs, and mega-franchise hits airing this season, because this roundup includes almost none of them. Not to worry, thougha couple of them are on our marathon backlogs, which just means we weren’t going to cover them weekly anyway, and there’s too little time to check the pilots of shows where a “hold” outcome is inevitable. Instead, Yata and Haru mostly had a field day with spring’s brand new offerings and wound up with one of their most selective weekly schedules yet, but not for a lack of trying. What’s sticking around? What’s out early? And why do these fucking horsegirls not overthrow humanity and become Earth’s dominant species? Answers to two of those questions lie below. Read on!