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Yata’s 12 Days of Anime – 2015 – #12: Yurikuma Arashi and Stupid Catchphrases

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Fellow writer Harubro and I go way back. I think we discovered our shared love for the same shows back in 2012, and since then, it’s rarely happened that one of us loves something the other doesn’t. Up until this year, I could probably count the times that’s occurred with just my ten fingers. But when we started FGJ, we pushed ourselves to attempt watching more seasonal shows than usual for great justice, and we also realized with more speculative picks comes the greater opportunity for our opinions on said picks to diverge.

As early as January, diverge they did with Yurikuma Arashi. My reaction: “Kunihiko Ikuhara fans such as myself will like this.” Haru’s reaction:




A couple weeks in to the start of 2015 as the year promises to be a busy but fun one, Yata and Haru are back to bring you updated thoughts on the season’s new anime and some enjoyable carry-overs from the fall season. Yata especially has plenty of catching up to do since he’s a chump and his schedule didn’t permit enough time to write up his conclusions on last season. That’s life though. Things happen…and sometimes things don’t happen, but this thing is happening. What are the frontrunners? What did we try to give a chance but drop? Let’s run ’em down.

Side note, we meant to post this yesterday, but the Super Bowl got us distracted, hence being one episode behind on Maria and Yurikuma. Bear with it.

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Winter 2015 Season Preview (Podcast)

It’s finally here! For Great Justice successfully pulled off a podcast with all three members about a relevant topic! Are you amazed? We’re amazed.

So here’s the deal: we talk about the winter 2015 anime chart according to anichart.net, in order, as it was on December 3rd when this podcast was recorded. As of this written post, I think the only notable changes were the moving of Rolling Girls into a different spot alphabetically (they removed the “the”) and the removal of the Kyoukai no Kanata film from the movie section. You’ll still hear us talk a bit about the latter’s original series anyway. Otherwise, sit back, follow along, and enjoy the ride as we discuss our thoughts on the upcoming season.

Timestamps for each entry are available if you click the “(more…)” button, or if you were linked directly to this article, they’re plainly visible below. Hoorah.