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Yata’s 12 Days of Anime – 2015 – #7: One Punch Man and Meeting the Hype

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Yesterday I displayed something I generally try not to: hype.

I fucking hate hype.
All it does is build you up to in almost every case let you down. Especially in anime, “meeting the hype” tends to simply mean “I thought this show would be good and it was.”

But One Punch Man’s hype was different.
I first heard of One Punch Man three seasons before it aired, and the first two people who told me about its manga counterpart are not people I regularly discuss anime with. One of them didn’t even know the origins of the comic; they just described it enough until I realized it was One Punch Man we were talking about. That shit doesn’t happen often. Usually when an anime gets an above-average amount of hype behind it, it still stays confined to the community. And I’ll be honest, this had me worried, even more so than I usually am going into “hype” shows. The premise sounded silly but ultimately kind of flat; the hero can defeat everything in one punch. Great. How are you going to build a plot out of that?

Thankfully, while One Punch Man’s hype was different, so was the show.