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Yata’s 12 Days of Anime – 2015 – #12: Yurikuma Arashi and Stupid Catchphrases

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Fellow writer Harubro and I go way back. I think we discovered our shared love for the same shows back in 2012, and since then, it’s rarely happened that one of us loves something the other doesn’t. Up until this year, I could probably count the times that’s occurred with just my ten fingers. But when we started FGJ, we pushed ourselves to attempt watching more seasonal shows than usual for great justice, and we also realized with more speculative picks comes the greater opportunity for our opinions on said picks to diverge.

As early as January, diverge they did with Yurikuma Arashi. My reaction: “Kunihiko Ikuhara fans such as myself will like this.” Haru’s reaction:




First Impressions – Winter of 2015

We told you we’d be back soon. Like, really really soon. Here we are. Yes, it’s first impressions time again, and while winter is generally a slow season for anime, there were a lot of series that caught our interest when we looked at its chart back in December. We didn’t check out everything – last fall made us learn the hard way that just because you watch more doesn’t mean what you watch will be good – but we did check out everything that seemed important and intriguing to us or surprisingly good to other anime critics. Like last fall, we won’t be posting scores this early. This is simply our thoughts on the pilot of each show we watched, followed by whether we thought it seemed worthy of continuation. We’ve also added little summaries to each entry below, just in case you’re out of the loop (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). Let Justice-sensei put your ignorance to ease.

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Winter 2015 Season Preview (Podcast)

It’s finally here! For Great Justice successfully pulled off a podcast with all three members about a relevant topic! Are you amazed? We’re amazed.

So here’s the deal: we talk about the winter 2015 anime chart according to anichart.net, in order, as it was on December 3rd when this podcast was recorded. As of this written post, I think the only notable changes were the moving of Rolling Girls into a different spot alphabetically (they removed the “the”) and the removal of the Kyoukai no Kanata film from the movie section. You’ll still hear us talk a bit about the latter’s original series anyway. Otherwise, sit back, follow along, and enjoy the ride as we discuss our thoughts on the upcoming season.

Timestamps for each entry are available if you click the “(more…)” button, or if you were linked directly to this article, they’re plainly visible below. Hoorah.