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Update – EP Announcement

Hello, everyone! Yata here. Coming at you with something a bit different in this unannounced update, so thanks for bearing with it. Generally speaking, writing about anime here on For Great Justice has been one of my key hobbies in recent years and it happily keeps me engaged with the written word, but for just as long as I’ve been spewing thoughts about cartoons here, the primary passion I’ve pursued in my leisure time is actually music; listening to it, writing about it – sometimes even on this site, in various forms – and occasionally writing and recording my own original music as well.

I’m here today (with my cowriter’s permission, of course) to plug my latest release of that form, a punk rock EP entitled After Never Comes. It contains six original songs totaling approximately 26 minutes, all written during the past three and a half years and recorded at home since this past January. Everything on it was arranged, performed, and produced by myself aside from the bass performances on each track and some of the bass arrangements on tracks 5 & 6, which were respectively recorded and written by Eliza of Caffeinated Telescopes. Without her help, this project wouldn’t have been logistically possible for me to complete in a satisfactory and safe manner under current COVID-19 conditions here in the States. I can’t thank her enough for hopping on board.

The EP can be streamed on YouTube as well as the embedded Bandcamp link above, where you can purchase it digitally for a voluntary sum. 100% of the artist proceeds will be donated to NIVA’s Save Our Stages campaign, a fundraiser to keep independent music venues all across the U.S. afloat and their staff paid while they are either closed or operating with reduced capacity as a result of the pandemic. Myself and Eliza will not be keeping even a cent of the money raised from this EP for ourselves. If you’d like to donate directly to NIVA instead of placing that in our hands, you can do so here, and in light of recent events, if you’d prefer to redirect or additionally send your aid to any number of other civil rights organizations combating systemic racism and police brutality, we at For Great Justice are obviously totally fine with that too. Hell, knowing our audience, you’ve probably already done so just as we have. In addition, for all purchases made today, Friday, June 19th, Bandcamp’s share of the sales will be given to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

I sincerely hope you all enjoy the music. Thanks for your time and we’ll be back with your regularly scheduled Spring 2020 Final Thoughts piece within two weeks. Until then, stay safe, be healthy, and make tiny changes to Earth.


A Quick Update – 8/9/16

Hey folks, Yata here. Just wanted to give everybody a quick update on some stuff that’s been going on lately at FGJ.

First of all, this week we reached our two-year anniversary of existing as an actual website, and I’d be remiss to not start off by thanking all of you for your continued support and interest despite our lack of consistent posting lately.

The second update is actually about that lack of consistent posting, because while that’s still the case right now and will likely continue to be for the foreseeable future, Haru and myself recently created our own ani-Twitter accounts which you can find here and here respectively. We (well, I – for now at least) will be considerably more active over there than here in the lengthy downtime between articles, and I’ll do my best to post some brief notes and funny screencaps from each new episode of what I’m watching each airing season. Haru’s just getting his rolling, I’ve got about two weeks worth of posts on mine already, and though you should by no means feel obligated to give each of those a follow, we would certainly appreciate it. Connecting with fans and the greater anime community is fun.

The last update is that we’ll try to put together a brief Halfway Thoughts article for the ongoing summer season at some point during the next week. Work is picking up for me now and it still hasn’t let up for Haru since the season’s start, so when I say “brief,” I really mean it this time, but we still figure that’s better than nothing.

Once again, thanks for sticking with us! Hopefully those Twitters will make the waits less irritating, and stay tuned for that article coming up soon. /o/